Are you ready to transform your home in 2019?


Don’t you just love the blank slate of a new year? There’s so much promise and potential, and the colder months give you the chance to nest and get cosy, Hygge-style, at home. If you are anything like us, getting your house organised, making home improvements or even getting ready to move is top of the agenda. Here are some ideas of how lighting can help you transform where you already live for a low cost, or be an area where you can make brilliant savings if you are on the move.

Make nights in feel special

January usually means empty bank accounts and booze bans, but staying in doesn’t have to be a punishment. With a bit of creative thinking, you can invoke the perfect restaurant atmosphere in your own home. It doesn’t matter whether you eat in a dining room or dine at the kitchen table, with the right lighting it can feel like you’re a world away from your day-to-day life. After you’ve scoured Pinterest for a tasty recipe (#veganfeast), got a chilled bottle of alcohol-free botanical juice and invited your loved ones to take their seats, dim the lights and stick on the Sonos with your favourite music. Don’t forget to switch your phones on aeroplane mode.

It’s incredibly simple stuff, but taking the time to talk with your partner or family, share nourishing food and relax together has a powerful impact. By dimming the lights slightly to soften the mood and gathering close, you forge a connection and really communicate. There are some great LED dimmable products on the market that allow you to have great visibility when you require it but can become softer as and when you need different lighting. We think the Integral Classic Globe does the job perfectly – and it’s on sale!.

Get Hygge with it

Are you in love with your living room? If not, you need to upgrade. We don’t mean hitting the DFS sale or shelling out for ornaments, but being creative with what you already have. First things first, strip out everything except your large furniture so you can really see the space. Then consider moving your more substantial items like a sofa, armchairs, tables or TVs around into new positions. Once you are happy with the new layout, start adding things back in. The Danish and Nordic tradition of Hygge is all about creating cosiness and conviviality in your home, inviting loved ones in to share good conversation and the warmth of your hospitality. You can have a lot of fun with this concept if you get imaginative.

Firstly, look at the cushion covers and soft-furnishings. Just refreshing the colours or adding more blankets and comfort-enhancing items into the mix can really warm things up. It’s lovely to have soft throws and blankets draped over the furniture, ready to be snuggled into by your family and guests. Go foraging for pretty pine cones or plants that bring a bit of a season indoors and even if you don’t have a log fire, remember that if you’ve got a smart TV with YouTube on it, you can simply play a video of a roaring fire to create the same visual effect. Most importantly, don’t forget to be playful with your lights. There are many different colours of lightbulb that can change the whole look, and work in harmony with your new decor. Don’t forget to go dimmable in both the main lights and lamps, so you can choose the right lighting for different occasions. Whether you are hosting a family games night or having a Netflix marathon, these smart lights – such as the Classic Globe Filament Lamp – can adapt to suit the evening.

Light up your new home

If you are in the process of moving to a new house, you’ll be doing a lot of scary calculations about costing. We all know that energy bills are on the rise, so getting the most value from the products you buy is vital. The good news is that in the lighting department, you can make some significant savings by getting set up with the right bulbs. Banish incandescent bulbs from your home before you get settled and swap to LED lighting. The main benefit of LED bulbs is that you get a lot of light for your money. The average LED bulb lasts for around 30,000 hours, compared to the poor performing incandescent bulbs that have under 2,000 hours of life. Of course, the initial outlay for bulbs is higher, but over time you make a significant saving – and it’s better for the environment too. Take a look at products like the AMITEX Sapphire Candle Lamp and make some smart decisions.

Whatever you’ve got planned for your living space this year, we’ve got a fantastic range of products designed to suit any home and any lighting requirement. If you can’t see what you are looking for, just call our expert team for advice. We want to help you get the lighting pitch perfect for whatever space you are transforming – so feel free to give us a challenge. Order in our online shop or just call 01328 855028 to speak to us.