Attention schools! Modernise with green energy through Salix funding.


Our schools and colleges are the arenas where future generations learn vital information, including how to protect our planet. Their learning environment is crucial to educational success, but when budgets are stretched, finding money to improve school facilities can be tough. The problem is that if you’re teaching young people about green energy and the need to be conscious of environmental concerns, as educators you need to practice what you preach. So, how can you bring your organisation in line with green energy goals without breaking the bank?

Introducing the Salix Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme

Fortunately, the Department of Education has identified this financial pressure on schools and colleges, so uses Salix to help ease the cost of installing energy efficient technologies. The scheme is designed to handle the upfront cost with an interest-free loan, which then gives organisations the chance to repay it through the savings they make on reduced energy usage. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to bring your facilities up to date without making tough choices about moving money out of other initiatives. Plus, as the reduced energy costs should take care of the repayments, it shouldn’t push your spending up in this department.

The benefits of Salix

–    You can begin the switch to green energy immediately.

–    The running cost of energy efficient technologies is much lower.

–    You can choose from over 100 different technologies – including LED lighting – to upgrade your learning environment.

–    The school or college won’t have to pay upfront, so you can better manage the transition financially.

–    The loan is interest-free – and the predicted energy savings meet the cost of the repayments.

–    The Secretary of State has approved Salix for use by all maintained schools and colleges, so you can be confident you’ll meet the criteria.

–    The repayments from all Salix loans are going to be used in public sector projects to benefit people across the country.

Light up your learning environment

As lighting specialists, we can help advise you on how best to use your Salix funding to move to LED lighting. We’ve worked with many schools and colleges during our six decades in the business, assisting them in upgrading and making the smartest choices for their space.

LED lighting is incredibly cost-effective, with around 30,000 hours of life in each bulb. Compared to incandescent lighting, this is a game-changer, and with the cost of the bulbs significantly reduced in recent years, you get a lot of light for your money.

Not only can we guide you on the right bulb products, but we can also take care of the installation too. We’ve helped customers go through the Salix funding application, so if you are looking for support there, our experts are ready to help.

Find out more about the Salix Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme here or call our team on 01328 855028 today to discuss how we can help your school or college go green.