• Save yourself 95% on lighting costs when you replace your old incandescent
  • Increase musculoskeletal development and weight gain by 5.06%
  • Decrease feed consumption by 3.2%
  • Increase feed conversion by 5%
  • Decrease the death rate of the chickens by 2.1%
  • Induce earlier maturity for hens destined to lay eggs
  • Increase egg output and quality
  • Regulate reproduction cycles
  • Increase length of reproductive life
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Free Site Surveys

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Oliver Lamps is currently offering free site surveys to establish whether the bulbs that you are using are the most cost effective. Please call to arrange a convenient time for us to call at your premises and survey your current lamps.

We are a third generation family run business, with over 50 years experience in the supply of light bulbs to homes and businesses. The knowledge gained over these years enables us to provide the highest quality replacement lamps.

We supply recognised brands across our product range and are more than willing to quote and supply any lamps that do not feature in this brochure.

The team at our head office pride themselves with the ability to identify any lamp over the phone, so if you are uncertain of a pr...

Save £2365…..

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Did You Know..... If you changed 10 x 60w lamps in your business to a 6w LEDs and they were used for 8 hours a day And you paid £0.15 per kWh Even if you used a beautiful high end lamp costing £10 You will save £19.44 per month / £236.52 annually on your lighting bill. Including the cost of the lamps,You will make your money back within 6 months (0.43years) You wouldn't change a lamp for ten years....

GU10 4.4w Which Best Buy Integral

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Our Glass GU10 4.4W (50W Equivalent) lamp was awarded a "BEST BUY" in the Spotlights category and Which? commented "it matches its brightness and colour claims closely and produces a high quality and consistency of light".  
Classic Glass GU10 - the ideal replacement for halogen lamps. Integral have developed a high-performance LED GU10 to revive the aesthetic look of a dichroic halogen spotlight and produce a very similar light output, with all the benefits of LED. The perfect complement for many existing decorative luminaires, including those where the lamp is exposed in the fitting.
  • Warm White
  • 360 Useful Lumens (400 Nominal)
  • Non-Dimmable

Did You Know?

Many people think that American Thomas Edison invented the light bulb but did you know that the history of the lightbulb really began here in the UK? In the early 1800's Humphrey Davy created the first incandescent light, and during the century others worked to improve his design. In 1880 an electric light bulb designed by Joseph Swan lit up a public lecture in Newcastle, not far from Amitex LED's HQ. It was a world first, and, along with subsequent work by Edison and others, led to the incandescent light bulb dominating the lighting market for over 100 years. Swan's patent used a cellulose filament in a glass "envelope" filled with a vacuum to produce a diffuse all-round light. We think Swan would be fascinated to see our latest fil...