Be merry and bright this Christmas – with our sparkling deals!


The festive season is in full swing and in all the excitement, it’s easy to forget that little touches can make a massive difference to the Christmas ambience. That’s why at Oliver Lamps, we’ve assigned ourselves the role of chief lightbulb elf so that you can focus on all the other essential things on your Christmas list. Everybody loves the cosy, twinkly effect of lights on the Christmas tree, so we’re going to assume you’ve got that one covered. Instead, take a look at these brilliant bulbs that will ensure your yule is perfectly lit.

The ‘Hello, Santa’ Auto Sensor

No-one works harder than Mr Claus on Christmas Eve, and with all that sloping about in the dark, it must be a nightmare to see where you are going. That’s why all the best girls and boys make sure they’ve installed the Auto Sensor Classic Globe outside their house, so Father Christmas can get a good look at his surroundings before he scales your chimney. These nifty lights switch on automatically at dusk and off at dawn, giving you an average of 12 hours each night, with an equivalent of 60W of brightness. We’re offering these bad boys at a mere £4.90 plus VAT this month (usual price £6.54 plus VAT), so don’t delay in getting yours in the post, and give Santa every reason to make a return visit next year.

The ‘Wandering Star’ Night Light

There are many reasons why you might wake up during the Christmas break and need to move around the house in the dead of night. Perhaps you are a bit overexcited about what’s in your stocking, or you might fancy a cheeky midnight feast, or maybe you’ve had one or two sherries too many and you need a glass of water. Whatever the reason for a stroll in the dark, it’s comforting to have a cool, gentle light to guide your way – and that’s exactly what the Auto Sensor LED Night Light delivers. Check out its stylish design, which will look a treat in any hallway or bedroom. This high-quality LED will switch itself on and off automatically and doesn’t cost a fortune to run. These are being sold on the high street at £4.99, but don’t make the mistake of paying over the odds – we’ve discounted them to just £3.78 plus VAT (normal price £5.03 plus VAT).

The ‘Let’s Snuggle’ LED Lamp

If there is a better way to spend late Boxing Day afternoon than snuggled up on the couch watching Raiders Of The Lost Ark while mainlining Celebrations, we don’t know it. But you don’t want a harsh light bouncing off Indy’s bullwhip and taking you out of the action. We love the Amitex LED Golf Ball Lamp because it gives you as much brightness as you need, but the moment you want to transition into a more relaxing vibe, you can use the dimmer function. We like to imagine Harrison Ford staring in wonderment at this jewel of a product, marvelling at how perfect it is, before giving chase as the Nazis try to wrestle it from him. Don’t worry, lads, for £4.99 plus VAT (normally £7.99 plus VAT), it’s nowhere near as pricey as one of Doctor Jones’ antique finds.

There are so many ways that the right lights can transform your home into a Winter Wonderland. Check out our extensive range and find the perfect bulbs to create the atmosphere you are looking for – and if you are stumped, give us a call, and we’ll get our elves to work right away!