Calling new mums and dads – this light sale is perfect for night feeds!


Do you have a young baby who wakes up in the night demanding a feed but struggles to get back to sleep? We understand. As much fun as you’re having with your new bundle of joy, there’s nothing smile-worthy about disrupted nights and no rest. For some parents, the problem comes when they need to negotiate bottle or boob feeding and require light to do it but find the one they’ve chosen shines too brightly. Baby can’t rest after being exposed to too much glow, and that means no shut-eye for you either. Don’t worry, you are not alone – and we’ve helped plenty of our customers facing this night feed conundrum. So, settle into your chair and take five minutes to have a gander at these fab solutions that will give you the illumination you need without your mini-me thinking it’s time to get up.

Better still – they are all on sale!

The Timed Table Light


Parents across the nation hail the Integral LED USB Table Light as being the answer to tricky night feeds. This versatile light is small, compact and has a host of great features. With the dimmable function as standard, you can adjust to get the right light for your needs, and it will memorise the setting for your next use. While you are feeding, you can also be charging your smart device with the inbuilt USB, which comes in handy if you need music to soothe your baby, or podcasts to entertain you as you nurse them. You can even set a timer for 60-minutes, and that’s great for when your baby is a little older and struggles to sleep in total darkness. It’s a winner of a product and super popular in the parenting community, even before our discount!

The Stylish Night Light

Integral LED Night Light

Often used to light the way in halls, the Integral Auto-Sensor Night Light is a plug-in light generates a modest amount of light, providing a gentle, cool glow that is perfect for the wee small hours. You’ll be able to see what you need to, but without glare, removing the temptation to do something dangerous like putting fabric over your usual lampshade. Thanks to the LED technology, you can leave this light on, and you won’t feel the pinch money-wise. Instead, you’ll have plenty of dosh left to blow in toy shops as your economic lighting protects your pocket and your sanity! Check out our sale price.

The Smart Sensor Light


The beauty of the LED GLS Dusk till Dawn Bulb is that it will switch on automatically when it detects motion. That means no fiddling around in the dark with bottles or nursing bras because as soon as you reach the room, you’ll have all the light you need straight away. With a 2-metre sensor range, you don’t need to be too close before your night light helper powers up, and it’ll switch off automatically after a period of inactivity. That’s good news for you and your bank balance because there’s no need to change this bulb too often as it’s good for 25,000 hours of life and it’s in our sale today. That’s enough to see you through at least one baby’s night feeds, if not more!

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