Colour temperature: we’ve got the hue for you

Does the colour temperature of your premises meet the requirements of those who use it? It may seem like a small thing, but colour temperature can make a massive difference to the experience of people using different spaces, including its impact on their productivity. At Oliver Lamps, we understand that colour temperature is a vital component of lighting and that’s why we help our customers find exactly the right one for their needs. Together, we’ll make sure that the space you are working with is lit to perfection.

Evolving LED lights

Back at the beginning of the technology, LED lights had a reputation for giving out a blue light that felt too cold for many people. Happily, the evolution of these energy-efficient bulbs has wholly...

Flexible lighting finance: upgrade, save and spread the cost

Do you want to update your lighting system to energy efficient, high-performance LED, without paying out the full cost of upgrading straight away? Although you save at least 50% of your energy costs by making this change, some businesses need help to meet the upfront cost or want the flexibility of paying in instalments. At Oliver Lamps, we always look for the best ways to make our service work for our customers – and that’s why we’re delighted to introduce our new finance option.

Pay nothing upfront and split your payments

We’ve partnered with Diverse Utility Solutions to offer finance options to suit every customer. If it’s challenging to manage the full cost yourself, or you want the freedom of paying each month, you can ...

You ask, we answer: Can I really save 50% on my lighting energy consumption?

If money wasn’t an issue, would you want to upgrade your lighting to the best and greenest products around? It’s a no-brainer question. You’ll have energy efficient, high-performance bulbs and the planet will be pleased as you’ll be using environmentally friendly products. It’s a situation without negatives, so if we slide money back into the equation, are you prepared to take a sharp intake of breath as you find out the downside? Breathe easy, it’s financially fantastic as well.

How could it possibly cost me nothing extra to upgrade?

If you are using incandescent lighting right now, you are wasting money. If you switch all your bulbs to LED equivalents, we guarantee you’ll save at least 50% on what you are spending righ...

Attention schools! Modernise with green energy through Salix funding.

Our schools and colleges are the arenas where future generations learn vital information, including how to protect our planet. Their learning environment is crucial to educational success, but when budgets are stretched, finding money to improve school facilities can be tough. The problem is that if you’re teaching young people about green energy and the need to be conscious of environmental concerns, as educators you need to practice what you preach. So, how can you bring your organisation in line with green energy goals without breaking the bank?

Introducing the Salix Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme

Fortunately, the Department of Education has identified this financial pressure on schools and colleges, so uses Salix to help ease the...

Considering grant-funded green lighting? Install is included!

Green energy is the future and to incentivise businesses to switch to LED lighting, there are grants available to help you meet the cost. We’ve already run through these options and their fantastic benefits in a previous blog (which you can read here), but did you know that this funding includes the cost of installing your new lighting too? At Oliver Lamps, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for our customers, guiding them through the whole process from grant application to selecting lighting to installation. The great news is that you can claim up to 25% of the entire job from regional grant bodies, which is a huge saving and a great incentive to go green ASAP. Our installation service is designed to make your life as eas...

Oliver Lamps sponsor Burnham Market Primary School Fundraiser

Children at Burnham Market Primary School are set to get new outdoor learning and play facilities, thanks to a massive fundraising drive by the local community. Oliver Lamps has come on board to cover the printing costs for tickets and will donate prizes to the raffle, which will be held on 16th March 2019. This event labelled ‘Super Saturday’, will see the school’s Parent Teacher Association work with Burnham Market’s businesses to deliver an unforgettable day of music, food and fun. Having spent many years working in Burnham Market and being part of the local community, this is a cause that felt very close to our hearts. “We’re delighted to help the children of Burnham Market Primary School to raise money for such a ...

Restaurant owners, are your customers feeling the love?

If all goes to plan, on Valentine’s Day your restaurant will be filled with loved-up couples enjoying a romantic feast and toasting their happiness with delicious wines. If you get it right, they’ll remember what a great night out they had at your establishment and be back soon to enjoy your hospitality again – as well as recommending you to their friends. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as turning happy customers into ambassadors, who go out into the world and tell everyone how great your place is. So, how can you make your diners fall in love with your restaurant all year round? We’ve got some suggestions.

#1 Look the part!

Does your restaurant design tick all your customers’ boxes? With so much competition out there...

Get paid to be green – and future-proof your business lighting!

energy efficiency grant
Did you know that you could be eligible for grant funding to improve the energy efficiency of your business? Too many organisations have no idea they could secure financial help and miss out on the opportunity to make the switch to green energy. You may have read about the importance of clean energy and sustainability to secure the future of our planet, and there are initiatives out there to make it simple and affordable to do your bit. It doesn’t matter if you are running a factory, a school, a restaurant or any other type of SME, it’s worth checking if you qualify for grant funding. Here at Oliver Lamps, we’re committed to helping our customers navigate the process, and we’re here if you want our assistance to future-proof ...

Are you ready to transform your home in 2019?

Don’t you just love the blank slate of a new year? There's so much promise and potential, and the colder months give you the chance to nest and get cosy, Hygge-style, at home. If you are anything like us, getting your house organised, making home improvements or even getting ready to move is top of the agenda. Here are some ideas of how lighting can help you transform where you already live for a low cost, or be an area where you can make brilliant savings if you are on the move.

Make nights in feel special

January usually means empty bank accounts and booze bans, but staying in doesn’t have to be a punishment. With a bit of creative thinking, you can invoke the perfect restaurant atmosphere in your own home. It doesn’t matter w...

Calling new mums and dads – this light sale is perfect for night feeds!

Do you have a young baby who wakes up in the night demanding a feed but struggles to get back to sleep? We understand. As much fun as you’re having with your new bundle of joy, there’s nothing smile-worthy about disrupted nights and no rest. For some parents, the problem comes when they need to negotiate bottle or boob feeding and require light to do it but find the one they’ve chosen shines too brightly. Baby can’t rest after being exposed to too much glow, and that means no shut-eye for you either. Don’t worry, you are not alone – and we’ve helped plenty of our customers facing this night feed conundrum. So, settle into your chair and take five minutes to have a gander at these fab solutions that will give you the illumi...