Colour temperature: we’ve got the hue for you


Does the colour temperature of your premises meet the requirements of those who use it? It may seem like a small thing, but colour temperature can make a massive difference to the experience of people using different spaces, including its impact on their productivity. At Oliver Lamps, we understand that colour temperature is a vital component of lighting and that’s why we help our customers find exactly the right one for their needs. Together, we’ll make sure that the space you are working with is lit to perfection.

Evolving LED lights

Back at the beginning of the technology, LED lights had a reputation for giving out a blue light that felt too cold for many people. Happily, the evolution of these energy-efficient bulbs has wholly eradicated that problem. These days LED bulbs come in a range of colour temperatures, replicating the colour palette offered by traditional incandescent bulbs. So, whether you want a cosy candlelit vibe or direct sunlight quality lighting, there will be a bulb to meet your needs. Check out the Kelvin Colour Temperature Scale Chart below and you’ll see how far the LED technology has come. It’s now superseded what incandescent and halogen bulbs can offer, giving you a great range of choice. Want to create a blue sky colour? Not a problem. Just check out the chart and make your selection.


Different colours work for different spaces

The first step in selecting the right colour temperature for you is to work out what the people who use your space need. In a hospital theatre, where surgeons and operating staff need to work precisely, perfect visibility is vital. A very bright white light is what is required to ensure everybody can see what they are doing. Similarly, warehouses need strong lighting so that staff can find and move items around with ease, so bright bulbs can facilitate that. However, if you work in an office where people are looking at screens, you’ll want a far gentler light, one that doesn’t put extra stress on the eyes. For restaurants, hoping to create a cosy, romantic vibe, a candle-style lighting system will be just right. As ever, the Oliver Lamps team have plenty of advice on hand if you are not quite sure about what works best for your space. Just give us a call and we’ll run you through your options.

LED will save you money

When you get the colour temperature of your space right, there are plenty of benefits – and we’re going to run through some of them in our next blog (spoiler alert: prepare for a boost in productivity!). However, changing from incandescent bulbs to LED has one significant benefit, it will save you money. The energy efficiency and life of a LED bulb put their incandescent equivalent to shame, and that means less maintenance and you’ll see a big difference in your energy bill. We’ve written extensively on LED costings, grant funding and how you’ll recoup the cost of switching within a matter of months on the blog. However, if you want to know more, speak to the team, we’ll be happy to help.

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