Flexible lighting finance: upgrade, save and spread the cost


Do you want to update your lighting system to energy efficient, high-performance LED, without paying out the full cost of upgrading straight away? Although you save at least 50% of your energy costs by making this change, some businesses need help to meet the upfront cost or want the flexibility of paying in instalments. At Oliver Lamps, we always look for the best ways to make our service work for our customers – and that’s why we’re delighted to introduce our new finance option.

Pay nothing upfront and split your payments

We’ve partnered with Diverse Utility Solutions to offer finance options to suit every customer. If it’s challenging to manage the full cost yourself, or you want the freedom of paying each month, you can apply for finance through us.

The benefits include:

  • Upgrading and updating your current system without finding the full cost yourself.


  • Flexibility in your cash flow, giving you the chance to adapt your budget to meet other costs.


  • Payback the money through your savings as switching to LED will reduce your lighting energy costs by at least 50%.


  • Potentially end up cash-rich as your energy savings outweigh the monthly repayment charge.

How to apply for finance

Before you complete any paperwork, we offer a full consultation so we can assess your lighting needs and show you the products that best suit your requirements. Our consultant will provide you with a full report to show the cost difference between using incandescent bulbs and LED, so you can see the savings you can expect.

Once you are happy to go ahead, we’ll run you through the costs of the bulbs and instalment, and then help you apply to our finance partner for credit. They will make you their offer of finance, repayment terms, APR and monthly charges. Once you are happy, we will go ahead to secure the finance, then book in to do your job. We can work to your schedule – so if you need us to come evenings or weekends, in school holidays or when employees are out of the office, that’s no problem.

You can expect high-quality products that are covered by our maintenance guarantee, so there will be no repair or replacement costs to worry about for the first 12 months at least. Plus, LED bulbs have a 50,000-hour life span compared to their 2,000-hour incandescent equivalent, so you won’t be changing bulbs any time soon.

Any questions? We’re all ears!

If there’s anything you need to know, or if you want to discuss our options further, please get in touch. Our friendly team are ready to help you on 01328 855028.