Get paid to be green – and future-proof your business lighting!

energy efficiency grant

Did you know that you could be eligible for grant funding to improve the energy efficiency of your business? Too many organisations have no idea they could secure financial help and miss out on the opportunity to make the switch to green energy.

You may have read about the importance of clean energy and sustainability to secure the future of our planet, and there are initiatives out there to make it simple and affordable to do your bit. It doesn’t matter if you are running a factory, a school, a restaurant or any other type of SME, it’s worth checking if you qualify for grant funding. Here at Oliver Lamps, we’re committed to helping our customers navigate the process, and we’re here if you want our assistance to future-proof your business lighting and make some significant energy savings.

Here’s why it’s in your best interests to get started straight away.

The funding may not be around forever

We’ve worked with plenty of customers to secure grants but, as many of these initiatives are funded by the European Union, it’s unclear how long they will be on offer. If Brexit happens on the 29th March 2019 there’s a possibility some of the grants could be stopped. However, if you have registered your interest, met the criteria and your grant application is being processed, you won’t miss out. It’s vital that you apply as soon as possible to be in the system before any changes happen.

Green energy is the future

In the lighting world, Halogen bulbs are banned and incandescent products are out of fashion – it’s all about LED. The evolution of LED lighting has been incredible, with the range and capabilities of the bulbs now equal and superior to their predecessors. Not only do LED lights last far longer than incandescent, but they are also made without using mercury, lead or polluting gases so they are environmentally-friendly too. Given their performance and green credentials, they are a no-brainer choice for businesses going forward. So, why not get some help with the initial cost of changing your lights over to LED?

The authorities – and your customers – expect it

Health and safety regulations demand that you provide suitable and sufficient lighting to ensure work can be carried out safely. The quality of LED lighting and the long-term reliability of the bulbs mean you can operate safe in the knowledge that your lighting meets these legal requirements with ease. While incandescent bulbs aren’t banned, their lifespan is shorter, and therefore you will need to replace them more frequently, which is costly and inefficient. Meanwhile, as consumers become more knowledgeable about sustainability, they’ll be left unimpressed by businesses that don’t make an effort to be green. Don’t let your customers vote with their feet when it’s so easy to switch to LED and get paid to do so.

You’ll enjoy long-term savings

There’s no doubt that the initial cost of changing all your lighting to LED can be daunting, which is why these grants exist. However, once you are all set up, you are going to see serious savings in your long-term expenditure. LED lights last so much longer, and they are designed to be energy efficient. The impact on your bills will be significant, and as incandescent bulbs are, inevitably, phased out altogether, you’ll be glad you embraced LED when you did. Your lighting is only one aspect of your energy consumption, and these grants will help you to reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint across the board. Once you’ve set up and initialised a sustainability policy, you’ll have made a significant move to future-proof your business. It’s a win-win situation for you and the planet!

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