Liquid LED Filaments

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Flexible LED Filaments Reinvigorated the Vintage Beauty of Lighting

Some analysts predicted that most of the EU countries may soon phase out incandescent light bulbs for general lighting use.

Flexible LED Filaments Light Bulbs, Liquidleds’ new, soft filament lines are made with special polymer materials, using the company’s proprietary production process which drastically improves the quality of light and will open up a variety of options for a lighting fixture design. They let creativity roam wild into the world of lighting.

Liquidleds showcased 4 product lines categorized by filament styles: the H, U, W and C series. These series, coupled with different lamp shells, offer customers a menu of up to 60 product selections. “The ability and flexibility to cater customers a wide range of tailor-made products is what differentiates Liquidleds from most others.