Restaurant owners, are your customers feeling the love?


If all goes to plan, on Valentine’s Day your restaurant will be filled with loved-up couples enjoying a romantic feast and toasting their happiness with delicious wines. If you get it right, they’ll remember what a great night out they had at your establishment and be back soon to enjoy your hospitality again – as well as recommending you to their friends. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as turning happy customers into ambassadors, who go out into the world and tell everyone how great your place is. So, how can you make your diners fall in love with your restaurant all year round? We’ve got some suggestions.

#1 Look the part!

Does your restaurant design tick all your customers’ boxes? With so much competition out there, you’ve got to appeal to your target audience from the pavement, as well as once they step inside. You’ll know the type of people who’ll love what you have to offer, so think about how to set the right mood using beautifully-designed lighting to help illuminate your best features.

Whether that’s moody window lighting, showcasing your smart Scandi-inspired interiors, or warm, inviting illuminations that make your customers want to pop in and take a break from the outside world. There are so many unique light bulbs and fittings to help you show off all your best features, from the contemporary, industrial-style lamps to retro designs to bring the past back to life.

If you have a design concept but aren’t sure what lighting would work best, we’re happy to give you our guidance. We’ve got a whole selection of fantastic filament LED bulbs.

#2 Be open to change!

If you want a successful relationship, you need to keep your significant other happy – and it’s no different in the restaurant trade. Whoever walks through your door is going to have their wants and needs, and it’s your job to meet them. Some customers will want a cosy table for two, and others might have a group of friends in tow, all eager to see how good the food you cook looks. If you design your space, so it’s easy to adapt, you can use your furniture and lighting to create the mood each customer wants.

Think about how to set up different vibes in different spaces – so everyone, from the family celebrating Mum’s birthday to first daters, can feel comfortable. Also, consider the placement of tables so that you can group sets of customers in areas together. It’s so much easier to know you have a strategy when you need to seat large, rowdy groups away from those looking for a quiet bite to eat. It’s a considerate and smart move that will help you deliver an excellent customer experience.

#3 Show you’ve got staying power

Commitment and loyalty are the foundation of any real love affair. People fall in love with great businesses and brands, especially when they never disappoint them. To consistently thrill your customers, you need every part of your operation to be running smoothly – from the kitchen to the waiting staff to the fixtures and fittings. If you use LED lighting, you can be sure of two things: one, you’ll have excellent quality lighting that lasts and lasts; and two, it will save you money in the long run. Those savings can be reinvested into the tiny details that make your restaurant unique and delight those who walk through your door. Check out our stylish Squirrel Cage LED lamps – they are currently on offer.

If you’d like to know more about how our lighting can help your restaurant shine, please get in touch on 01328 855028.