Shining a light on LED: five myths debunked


Forget incandescent bulbs and wave goodbye to halogen, the future of lighting belongs to LED. Light-emitting diodes (LED) are an electronic light source that offers significant benefits to the consumer and the environment. What’s interesting is that, despite being more energy efficient and, therefore, cost-effective, some consumers still don’t buy LED bulbs. The big question is – why not?

It’s our job to make sure our customers are clued up about the best lighting for their premises or home. What can be surprising is that many people don’t know the benefits of LED, or they’ve heard some tall tales about the cons of switching over. That’s why we’re ready to debunk the myths surrounding LED so that you can make an informed choice with confidence.

Myth #1 LED lighting is blue and cold

It’s fair to say that LED got a bad reputation when it first hit the market because the bulb’s blue colour temperature felt somewhat chilly. However, like any advance in technology, it needed to go through an evolution. These days, you can choose the colour temperature that’s right for your needs by using the Kelvin scale. For the uninitiated, a Kelvin is a unit of measurement of temperature, and the sliding scale gives you different options of lighting effect. For example, you’d pick a bulb of around 6,000 Kelvins if you are fitting out a cellar and need a cool white light, whereas if you are creating a relaxing living room ambience, you’ll look for between 2,500 – 3,000 Kelvin to provide that warm white light.

Myth #2 LED lighting costs too much

If we were having this conversation in 2008, complaints about cost would be fair. Back in the day, you’d be facing a hefty price tag to kit your place out with LED bulbs, and the energy efficiency wouldn’t be enough to soften the blow. The beauty of the product going mass market is that the cost of LEDs has fallen by around 85% in a decade as manufacturers scramble to get on board and produce their products. These days, the upfront cost doesn’t sting because it’s reasonable, and you know that LED bulb will last much longer and use a fraction of the electricity drained by the incandescent alternative.

Myth #3 LED lighting lasts forever

There’s plenty of reasons to rave about the lifespan of LED bulbs, but it’s wrong to pretend you’ll never need to change another lightbulb. The good news is that LEDs last of around 30,000 hours which means you’ll enjoy years of illumination before they expire. If you consider the long life of each bulb and the lower energy costs, the savings become clear. To add to the benefits, the environmental impact of LED is better too. No mercury, lead or polluting gases are used to make LED, so you are doing something positive for the environment as well as saving yourself money.

Myth #4 LED lighting doesn’t offer a lot of choices

When the leading players in this market were first developing LED technology, the original bulbs only offered the light equivalent of 25-40 watts. Now you’ll find the right bulb for your brightness requirements without a problem. Instead of looking for the energy measurement in watts, with LED you look at the lumen count, which tells you how bright the bulb will be. If you’re worried about making the wrong choice, give our expert team a call, and they’ll be able to run through your options. There’s a great range of LED options out there ready to help you create the perfect lighting.

Myth #5 LED lighting can’t be bespoke

We love it when customers want something different and have a lighting concept that would befuddle traditional bulb companies. Our clients can come to us with bespoke requirements, and our manufacturer can make their ideas come to life. There was a time when the idea of using LED bulbs in dimmer switches seemed exotic, but those dark days are behind us now. Feel free to dream big with your lighting ideas and challenge us to help you make them a reality. Our USP is being able to create bespoke LED lights, and we’re ready to get to work.

If you’d like any help or advice about your lighting needs, please call our expert team on 01328 855028.