You ask, we answer: Can I really save 50% on my lighting energy consumption?


If money wasn’t an issue, would you want to upgrade your lighting to the best and greenest products around? It’s a no-brainer question. You’ll have energy efficient, high-performance bulbs and the planet will be pleased as you’ll be using environmentally friendly products. It’s a situation without negatives, so if we slide money back into the equation, are you prepared to take a sharp intake of breath as you find out the downside? Breathe easy, it’s financially fantastic as well.

How could it possibly cost me nothing extra to upgrade?

If you are using incandescent lighting right now, you are wasting money. If you switch all your bulbs to LED equivalents, we guarantee you’ll save at least 50% on what you are spending right now. When our team come in to do the initial survey at your premises, they identify every point at which you use bulbs and present you with their findings so you can compare your current output to an LED. Spoiler alert: it’s going to be half the price.

Our survey will also show you how long it would take for you to recover the cost of having a brand new lighting system installed complete with LED bulbs. The average payback period for our customers is between 20 and 24 months. That means in just two years, you could have recovered the costs and be running on the latest tech, and you won’t have paid a penny more than you would have done if you’d stuck with the old incandescent bulbs. 

What are the other benefits of switching to LED?

LED lighting has an excellent life span of approximately 30,000 hours (and often more), so they vastly exceed the 2,000 hours offered by incandescent bulbs. This isn’t merely a cost-saving, it also tells you plenty about the performance difference in these products. Our lamps and installation come with a warranty too so that you can forget about maintenance costs and nasty surprises there also.

Once you’re using the current technology in lighting, you’ll have increased light levels that’ll benefit the users of your premises. You can ensure that every space has the right lighting for its purpose, enhancing the look and feel, and the experience of being in there. These bulbs will keep you on the right side of the health and safety standards too.

As you’ll be using environmentally-friendly lights, you’ll also be able to showcase your green credentials. Businesses these days should be finding ways to be more sustainable and being able to go green without it costing you is a win-win for all concerned.

What will it cost me to get started?

Give our team a call to begin the process with our survey, and we’ll be able to advise you on the cost, the savings and your payback period. In our next blog, we’ll be introducing a finance scheme that will help you to meet the upfront cost without stretching your budget, then making the repayments using the savings you make on energy consumption.

If you want to know more right away, give the Oliver Lamps team a call and we’ll answer any questions you have. Ring 01328 855028 today, we can’t wait to help save you money!